30 Notebook insert for city bag, black/silver, stylish and environmentally friendly, 100% Upcycling

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Measurements: Basic form 
W/H/D  34 x 29 x 2 cm

Size Dimension: plus 2 cm on the side (approx. 13`` Netbook)

2. Measurement: plus 3 cm on the side (approx. 15`` Notebook)

3. Dimension: plus 5 cm on the side 
(approx. 17`` Notebook)

The data are approximations, for 3 common sizes of notebooks.

Design: Schnittka design

Material: black and silver plastic foil

Color: black/silver

Custom-made products: please inquire via the contact form, e.g. black thick foil with silver edge, extra charge 25,00 €

Accessories: Diagonal stripes at 1 corner

Besonderheit: Seitenfalte/ Material silberne Plastikfolie, Funktion: Seitenfalte rein- und raus ziehbar auf entsprechende Größe des Notebooks

Product information

Custom-made products: please inquire via the contact form

Size and measurements

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W / H / T:  34 x 29 x 2 cm Basic size
choice of 2 cm, 3 cm or 5 cm wide fold for pulling out sideways

Product details

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The Notebook bag is very practical and is intended as an insert for the city bag. It serves as protection from other utensils in the bag. There are 3 general sizes. If you are not sure which one is right for you, we recommend to order the next larger one.

Special features

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Side gusset/ material silver plastic foil, Function: Side gusset can be pulled in and out to the corresponding size of the notebook 

Schnittka design®

- unique colours
- ultra-light
- stable
- water-repellent
- easy to clean