27 Weekender colourLine, environmental bag, weekend bag made of upcycled plastic

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Basic form W/H/L   23 x 30 x 50 cm

Design: Schnittka-Design(R) Umwelttaschen, Ökoweekender, rececelte Mode für Weekender, nachhaltig kaufen 
Material: various plastic foils, bottom is reinforced, very stable

Colour: colourLine, up to 3kg in weight

Custom-made products: please inquire via the contact form, e.g. 2 small side inside pockets, surcharge 20,00 €.

Accessories: 2 handles black, 1 strap black with 2 carabiners, strap length approx. 1.10 m, adjustable

Product information

Custom-made products: please inquire via the contact form

Size and measurements

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W / H / L:  23 cm x 30 cm x 50 cm 

Product details

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This Weekender will accompany you especially on weekends when you want to travel. The bag is stable. It has a large interior. If you like, you can have 2 small pockets on the inside. In any case you will stand out with this Weekender. The stripe design by Schnittka design. The bag is easy to clean. Have a lot of fun with it on the road.

Special features

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Schnittka design®

- unique colours
- ultra-light
- stable
- water-repellent
- easy to clean