26 Sports bag black, city bag, eco bag made of upcycled plastic foil


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Measurements: W/H/D  30 x 40 x 60 cm

Design: Schnittka design
Environmental bags, eco bags, wearable material, sports bags from the Harz region, 

Material: various plastic foils, pond foil,
Material: almost looks like leather
Material: bag very stable

Colour: black to 3 kg capacity

Special designs: please use the contact form to request 

Accessories: 2 hand loops with hand protection, 1 webbing approx. 1.10 m long, adjustable by buckle,

3 zippers on top, crosswise and lengthwise

Special feature: narrow side pocket with inside pocket for shoes

Product information

Special designs: please use the contact form to request

Material: almost looks like leather

Size and measurements

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W / H / D:  30 cm x 40 cm x 60 cm

Product details

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The sports bag is very stable. It feels like soft leather. With its 3 zippers it offers many possibilities to stow things away without having to think twice. The bottom of the bag is reinforced.

Special features

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Schnittka design®

- unique colours
- ultra-light
- stable
- water-repellent
- easy to clean