11 Clutch without compartment silverLine, 100% Upcycling

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Measurement: W/H/D  27 x 13 x 1 cm

Design: Schnittka design

Material: silver packaging, various plastic films

Colour: silverLine

Special designs: please use the contact form to request

Accessories: 2 Velcro® fasteners

Special feature: inside corresponding colour as the edge, smooth surface

Product information

Special designs: please use the contact form to request

Size and measurement

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W / H / D :  27 cm x 13 cm x 1 cm

Product details

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The clutch accompanies you wherever you want to present yourself. To the gala evening, in the theatre, opera. Concert or on a date in a café or restaurant. It is your clothing accessory - if you like, even in everyday life. The right outfit for special occasions. Individual patchwork design by Schnittka design. Choose the matching border colour or call us if you want another one. Have fun.

Special features

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Schnittka design®

- unique colours
 - ultra-light
 - stable
 - water-repellent
 - easy to clean