07 Backpack standard colourLine, noble and stylish backpack, environmental backpack

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Measurements: W/H/L  30 x 40 x 18 cm
colour: colourLine

including handles up to 2 kg content, equipment: small pocket in front 

Special designs: please ask via the contact form, e.g. inside pocket with 3 compartments, extra charge 25,00 €,e.g. backpack without animal motives possible, extra charge 25,00 €
Accessories: 2 zippers black, webbing, buckles

Product information

Special designs: see contact form
you can also get the backpack without animal motifs,
other colour directions possible

Size and measurements

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W / H / L :  30 cm x 40 cm x 18 cm

Product details

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The backpack with many shiny plastic films. If you like it very striking, you will find your backpack here. We use the various bright colours of the foils and create this backpack for you here. The shoulder strap is made to match the colour. You can order it in a straight form or in an ergonomically curved form. Please call what you like. The inside of the shoulder strap is padded and covered with textile fabric. Again matching in color to the whole. 

Special features

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Schnittka design®

- unique colours
- ultra-light
- stable
- water-repellent
- easy to clean