Answers to your FAQs

All the answers to the most common questions:

- You don't have to send us your plastic waste to get a finished product. We have a           stock of films and packaging in stock.

- You can see and try them on in the bag trial room (the room is in planning, please be      patient...).

 - Different colour schemes for a product can be offered upon request.

- The thickness of the plastic film in the fabric can vary from product to product, even if     you order the same product again.


- The products are sewn.


- Most products can be manufactured according to a specific colour direction.    


- Special designs are possible 


- New fabric from used plastic foil and packaging


- new design


- the thickness of the foils and packaging in each product may vary. 


- it is nice that you also collect used plastic foil and packaging and want to contribute to a clean environment, but please do not send us any collected plastic foil and packaging unless it has been agreed with us. (Wiederholung, siehe oben)


- We can produce similar products - unique pieces - because we have developed our     own sorting system

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what do we stand for as Schnittka-Design: sustainable bags and backpacks made of plastic, stylish designer bags with the claim to sustainability, elegant design, upcycling, unique pieces